What is the best backpack destination in Malaysia

Malaysia is a wonderful place to visit for tourism purposes. Many 3win2u Malaysia places in Malaysia can be visited when it comes to Malaysia. Backpack destination in Malaysia has always been one of the exciting news for all the people or the tourist.  The best foods in this region call the people to visit after its exciting sceneries. While backpacking in Malaysia one can witness varieties of landscapes, jungles and also hill stations. Malaysia is one of the best places for relaxing. The tea fields can be trolled without any reason the biggest flower in the world is also another reason to visit the place http://www.3win99.com/my/en-us/.

Places to visit in Malaysia

Many places in Malaysia can be backpacked for-

  • Kuala Lumpur– people say that Singapore is very expensive to visit. For those people who cannot afford Singapore, Kuala Lumpur is the place. It is a small Singapore. It is one of the best places for shopping and food. It is called the colonial area of the city. Batu cave is the best part of Lumpur.
  • Malacca– Malacca is a historical place in Malaysia. It is few hours distant from Kuala Lumpur. If one visits Lumpur then Malacca should be the next destination. Their Chinese culture is the highlight of the place and it is a Portuguese past Colonial area.
  • East Coach Island– East Coach Island is famous for beaches. Pulau Tioman is the best part of this place and must be visited. 
  • West Coach Island– this part of Malaysia is famous for its temples, architectures and also foods. According to the reviews of most of the backpackers of Malaysia, West Coach Island is a must-visit place and Pantai Cenang is the famous one here.
  • Cameron Highland– The largest flower is found in this place and Tanah Rata is the comfortable base to consider if visiting the place.

Important points for the backpackers of Malaysia

  • The accommodation in some places in Malaysia is slightly expensive but the places provide the best service to the tourist.
  • Malaysia is a great place to visit but it is not cheap. People are required to spend some money on backpacking.
  • The foods are the best part of Malaysia. The foods are cheap and the alcohols are the best which are available in every city of Malaysia.
  • But among the places in Asia, Malaysia is the only place where comparatively less amount of amount is spent.
  •  George town is the highlight of Malaysia and must be visited.
  • The blue mansion should not be missed when one visits Malaysia.

Malaysia is the easiest place to visit. When it comes to the backpack destination in Malaysia then among all the towns the above towns must be visited at least once. Compared to Thailand Malaysia is a cheap place to visit and especially when it wants to relax their mood. The Buddha statues provide peace of mind. Most of the places are decorated and it gives a clear vision to the tourists. 

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